Can a soft wash damage roof?

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Can a soft wash damage roof?

Gentle washing solutions will not damage the roof, garden or lawn. It is a safe process that uses chemical cleaning solutions that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and recommended by roof tile manufacturers. While, on the other hand, gentle roof cleaning doesn't cause as much damage to any of the roofing materials. Because it is a low-pressure wash with mild surfactants.

Gentle wash systems use a low-pressure rinse to remove dirt. This pressure is usually slightly stronger than the force created by a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Low-pressure rinsing will not loosen or damage old, brittle shingles, and will not remove damaged granules from their surfaces. A professional power washing contractor can see if gentle cleaning is recommended for the roof, depending on its age and the amount of dirt that needs cleaning.

If you gently wash the ceiling regularly, you will prevent it from being damaged and the roof will stay healthy. However, algae, bacteria, and moss can cause roofs to deteriorate and shorten your life expectancy. This can be a problem when the roof and coating become moldy or mold start to form. Everyone can see that dirt and grime, but you can't safely remove it with a pressure wash. Using the pressure washer on the roof can also affect the gutters installed on it once it gets hit with pressure. There are companies you can trust when it comes to gutter cleaning like Gutter Cleaning Jacksonville FL, they have the tools and equipment needed to make sure your roof and gutters are protected while they are doing your gutter cleaning. 

Unless you want to risk damaging the coating or roof. Gently washing the ceiling not only reduces mold and mildew, but also kills these organisms at their source. The Soft Washing method is combined with a biodegradable disinfectant cleaning solution to kill mold, bacteria, algae, fungi, moss and more. The detergents and surfactants used during a gentle pressure wash are designed to penetrate every corner of a roof, dissolving dirt and debris trapped under shingles and around roof eaves.

A professional roof washing contractor can suggest if gentle cleaning is right for your roof, based on its age and the dirt accumulated on the roof. The cleaning solutions used in gentle washing are environmentally friendly and do not damage the protective layers of your home. Plus, handling power washing or gentle washing isn't a piece of cake, but it can affect your budget. Pressure washing and pressure washing use much more powerful water pressure than gentle washing, and pressure washing is generally done with much hotter water than pressure washing.

Gentle washing is a unique cleaning method that involves the use of pressure washers at lower PSI or pressure per square inch. When it comes to things like decks and patios, power washing can remove paint from wood and easily damage the coating, something that's much less likely when washed gently. In addition, things like mold and mildew are difficult to remove with pressure alone and often require specialized cleaning products to remove them, and a gentle wash is a great way to do this. Gentle washing can also save you money when painting your property, as it can make it look like new.

Gentle washing is the only way to effectively remove these algae without damaging the shingles and voiding any warranty.

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